Empower Yourself: Feel Good Inside – Look Amazing on the Outside

As the proud owner of Nutrition Body and Soul I have listened to my clients and acted. I am delighted to be taking you on my new adventure with me, I am transitioning to focus directly on Nutrition and Mental Health for women aged 25+ who have limited free time and wish to reconnect to their ‘Lost Self’.

You may have successfully completed a course, reached your weight goal, or perhaps not, had a promoted at work, tied the knot, recovering from a break, or convalescing, whatever you have just experienced, your body and mind now require time to rebalance.

You have landed in the right place to strengthen your inner self,
both physically and mentally.

Your body displays your inner health through your skin.
Do you recognise the woman staring back at you in the mirror? It is time to regain control and focus on you.

Embrace your uniqueness

Each one of us is unique both in structure and performance, yet what we all have in common are internal body organs. Unless an illness or disease has occurred our systems function pretty much the same. So whilst ‘one glove fits all’ is not correct when it comes to nutrition and mental health, your body systems all require the same basic elements to function and then you can add the unique elements to suit you.

So how do I help you?
What do I provide that others don’t and why should you work with me?

Because I have personally experienced body image issues (dysmorphia) eating disorders (Binge eater and laxative abuser), depression and anxiety I can truly relate to your barriers and emotional blocks you may be experiencing or have experienced.

I am a living testimony that no matter how far on the floor you are and how heavy that black cloud is, there is always a silver lining, it’s just knowing how to reach it that is often missing in our lives.

Making changes can be a real struggle, you may experience feelings of being overwhelmed and ‘throw the towel in’ far too soon.

I use my nutrition and health behaviour degree knowledge linked to my life coaching and NLP skills to provide you with the foundations on which to rebuild, redefine and reconnect to your true self; and support you along your transitional journey to find the real YOU.

So what do I offer?

I coach my clients through video calls, emails, webinars, workshops and retreats.
I coach you individually or in groups to improve your own performance and achieve your aims and goals.

You will receive daily motivations and inspirational quotes that keep your mindset focused on your goal.

About me…..

Nutritionist and Gut Guru

My name is Kay Billingsley. I am the proud founder of Nutrition Body and Soul, providing holistic nutritional life empowerment coaching  for women.

My approach is simple, I use four pillars:

Nutrition – the foundation of effective and efficient body functioning

Body – to show case inner health and external beauty

Mind – to demonstrate confidence and alertness

Soul – the essence of self-love and acceptance

The concept that unites all four pillars is the empowerment of self.

This is achieved through;

Nutritional – effective management and guidance for balance of hormones
Body  – self-love using luxury skin care products and massage therapies to stimulate the inner goddess of self-ownership.
Mind – steadiness and clarity of thoughts and beliefs to allow positivity lead to empowerment
Soul – being the essence of strength achieved through self-awareness, mindfulness and to heighten your inner senses.

Whatever brought you here, I am certain you will leave not only feeling inspired, but motivated to take action, to propel yourself towards the new deserving self-loving woman you are.


Nutrition is the essence of life…….

……………yet the power hidden inside the food we eat is so often overlooked.

As we become independent in our lives, the food we eat is often regulated by lifestyles, beliefs and commitments. We often select the weekly food shopping to suit the tastes of those we co-habit with rather than our personal preference. Perhaps career and work patterns dominate the times you eat, or finances impact the food choice. No matter what, it is important to ensure your body receives the essential nutrients to function efficiently and radiates health through your skin.

I provide 1:1 nutrition advice to create menu plans to suit your individual nutritional needs.
You only require one consultation to change the way you eat and what you eat.
No fancy recipes, no calorie counting just adapting your current food styles with a few minor changes will help you achieve a healthy nutritious intake.

Why choose to have a 1 : 1 consultation?

It’s perfect for those who juggle with time – all delivered through email and if needed one video link call.

The 1 : 1 consultation and redesign of your current eating habits can help you:

Lose Weight
Clear Brain Fog
Regain Energy Levels
Increase your Attention Span
Remove the abdominal bloat
Manage Menopause Symptoms
Boost Inner Confidence  

Ultimately improve YOUR overall health and wellbeing.

The next step…….

Time and motivation are often the reasons many of us fail when it comes to improving our nutrition intake or spending time on ourselves. By connecting with me you will be amazed at how easily you can improve your diet and YOU leaving you questioning why you didn’t act sooner…..

What you get…….

Firstly contact me requesting a 1 : 1 consultation for your nutritional intake.
You will receive some health forms and food questions via email. Complete these and return them to me. Once I receive the completed forms, I will then and only then send you a payment request. Once I receive your payment you will receive an email containing a unique individualised menu plan for 7 days and include bonus resources.
That’s how simple this change is……

You will also have the bonus of connecting with me via video link. – (optional 60 minute video link up)

The bonus of using my 1 : 1 consultation online is:

No need to pay parking fees
No need to check your makeup is still intact after a hectic day at the office, or even get dressed (we all love PJ days!)

Book  a consultation now.

1:1 Consultation Booking

Nutrition and Life Empowerment Coaching

Nutrition Body and Soul virtual ‘Life Coaching’ can help you realign your life’s journey and / or help you achieve personal and professional goals.

Nutrition and life empowerment coaching is perfect for you when you know you should eat more healthily, be more active or decrease daily pressures. Many of us struggle to incorporate the necessary changes into your daily life.

Nutrition and life coaching is a process that works so YOU can make achievable changes to establish a healthier lifestyle and ultimately a more energised you.

It considers the whole person not single issues.
Together we look at YOU, your uniqueness, quirkiness, desires, fears, likes, dislikes plus so much more…..

By working with the whole body, both the mental and physical aspects the results are long lasting and can reduce risk of illness and disease in later life.

You will determine YOUR goals, the ways YOU wish to reach them and suit YOUR own time frames. I guide and offer YOU continual support and motivation to keep you on track and pick you up if you have ‘struggle days’.

Life coaching is not a one size fits all service, each client presents with unique goals, aims and desires.

You may have:

Personal goal to achieve. 
Desire to alter your lifestyle/pathway.
Desire to improve your career, climb the ladder.
Need to improve your health and fitness and complete wellbeing
Support to develop gratitude and positivity
Guidance on visualisation

No matter what your individual goal or aim some of the benefits you will experience are:

Clear understanding of how to reach your goal
Tools and methods to face obstacles
Improve your inner belief and raise your confidence levels
Motivational techniques to support you in making positive changes

It is important to remember that your body requires balance between mental and physical health to allow clear and logical cognitive processing, necessary for making changes in your life.

Life coaching is not counselling. The emphasis is on YOU making the changes necessary to reach YOUR goals, and the changes are created by YOUR desire and determination to achieve YOUR goals.

Book your consultation Now – Click here.

For corporate sessions or group sessions please email for further information info@nutritionbodyandsoul.com