You can fit that outfit…….

Very soon you will be socialising again, donning that dress you purchased several months ago and then sheer panic as you can no longer fasten it or it’s a little too tight for comfort.

I am not selling any products or making any far-fetched claims, but I am going to share with you simple small changes that will give you the results you hope for providing you don’t cheat.

Firstly you need to set a date goal. This is the date you wish to see yourself looking absolutely fabulous in that outfit.

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Secondly you need to start strict portion control. This is tough as we so often pile our plates high. Once your eyes see the correct portion size and your mind is not shouting out ‘How can that keep me full’, you will adjust. I won’t lie, you will experience hunger pangs for the first few days though with the snack suggestions you will be able to curb these without any guilt.

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Increase your water intake. This is not using flavoured waters, cordials it is drinking plain water. Aim for 2litres a day.

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Stretch your body. Twice a day you will stretch to allow your digestive system open up and function effectively. Simple touch the floor and stretch to the ceiling repeated 6 times twice a day is a good start.

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Control the alcohol. Removing alcohol from your daily intake will help you see results quicker. Alcohol is a suppressant slowing down your digestion and cell function. It can also result in false hunger pangs when your blood sugar levels drop.

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Yoga Postures to boost digestive health

No matter how much we try to maintain a ‘normal’ life in the current climate, stress is rearing its ugly head and challenging us to explore innovative methods to reduce and manage it.
We all know that walking, exercise, balanced diet and positive attitudes are the usual ‘go to’
solutions; yet yoga has been proven time and time again to support and promote your entire wellbeing both physically and mentally.

Practicing these simple yet highly effective postures once a day will give your digestion a boost.

Triangle Pose

Premium Vector | A young and happy girl practices yoga and meditates.  trikonasana, triangle pose. vector illustration

Downward Dog

Downward Dog Yoga Cartoon (Page 1) -

Wind relieving Pose

Basic Yoga Poses For Beginners: The Ultimate Guide - JURU Yoga

Corpse Pose

5 Yoga Poses for Better Sleep | TIME

A Multifaceted Approach Improves Menopause Symptoms

A study in 2018 looked at alternative therapies in contrast to prescribed HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy). Despite a non conclusive result mainly due to the individuals interpretation of symptoms and the limited clinical support during the trial, the conclusive discussion stated that the safest and most effective way to treat menopausal symptoms will be different for each woman and will involve a multifaceted approach incorporating diet, exercise, supplementation, and possibly reflexology. 

I have worked with clients who have expressed a reduction in their symptoms when they have made dietary changes, commenced taking supplements, introduced exercise (yoga) once a week and received reflexology once a week.

When we look at balancing the hormones it involves the endocrine system.

To romance and create a happy optimum functioning endocrine system you should aim to reduce stress within the body by:

  • Eating foods that are known to be anti-inflammatory and non digestive irritants
  • Free up the organ systems through gentle yoga postures that allow the body to stretch and organs rebalance and settle (particularly important if you have a job where you sit for prolonged time)
  • Take herbal supplements such as Black cohosh, Sage
  • Take vitamins and minerals B6, K2,D3 Magnesium, Boron, Calcium, Omega-3
  • Learn meditation
  • Achieve complete deep relaxation through either deep tissue massage or reflexology.

To make changes in your diet connect with me for a 60 minute video call and hear how easy it is to start working towards a healthier and happier menopause.

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Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Plant – Chocolate Flavour 684g 19 Servings – ON Vegan Protein Powder with Pea & Rice Protein No SOYA

Well I know I am a nutritionist and my first line of attack on my clients is natural food but I am going to shout from the roof tops over this amazing protein powder.

Never have I tasted a protein powder that doesn’t have at least some powder after taste, this is just good taste from the first sip to the last dregs of the beaker.

I love it and when you read the reviews I am not alone in saying it is amazing especially when mixed with almond milk.

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Allow your ‘aha’ moment achieve you lifelong health benefits.

‘Aha’ moments are unique to the individual, yet more often than not, when the ‘aha’ occurs we don’t know where to go to turn it into a reality.





Time after time I witness clients presenting with poor diets, lack of sleep, limited or zero exercise and chronic stress, who confess to trying a variety of pills and potions promising a miracle cure to achieve their goal!

Yet interestingly as soon as I begin to connect with my clients I witness them experience ‘aha’ moments, when they come to realise that whilst medicine may be lifesaving, it can also have a negative effect resulting in obesity, irritability, mood swings, compromised immune system, digestive issues, blood pressure and type II diabetes.

Media reports and glossy magazines remind us daily that the answer to a healthy body and mind is through correct nutrition and exercise, yet many would rather visit the GP to pick up some form of prescribed medicine instead of visit the grocery store to purchase an array of vegetables and fruit. (Do not misunderstand me, prescriptive medicine plays an important part in maintaining health in specific cases, though it can often be used as a quick fix or to mask symptoms rather than provide a cure for the cause of the symptom. At no point in this post am I suggesting you stop taking prescribed medication)

If your cells start to malfunction, your health begins to deteriorate, slowly organ functions become less efficient and symptoms start to show. Allowing your cell health to continue deteriorating can lead to chronic long term illness and disease.

As your body experiences organ inefficiency more symptoms will occur. Disease becomes present. Symptoms will worsen. Many will return to the GP for further medication. Pain continues. Brain fog becomes a daily occurrence. Experience of irritability and moody swings. Difficulty at work,and fulfilling daily functions. Daily living becomes difficult, loss of independence the reliant upon others to provide care.

A chronic disease not only affect the individual put impacts greatly on the family.

What Nutrition Body and Soul provide as an alternative to a prescriptive medication is natural healing from the inside out and outside in. Respecting the body as a collaborative mental and physical system, the management of multiple causes collectively often results in sustainable long term results. Medication can often mask the deep rooted cause; for example pain is heightened when the body is in a tense stress mode, so we take the pain killers to mask the pain in stead of adopting relaxation techniques and the necessary nutrients into our daily routines.

How do Nutrition Body and Soul address symptoms if not through medication? Taking a close look at how to improve gut health, immune cell function, cleanse processes, hormone balance, cell energy efficiency; identified through clients current habits and making positive changes in order to promote health. Getting to the root cause, supporting the client to make the changes and remain determined and focused.

Good health is achieved through the right nutrients and lifestyle choices that are realistic and achievable, all governed by the client. If you are experiencing pain, fatigue, brain fog, stress, obesity, or other concerns, nutritional coaching may be the answer you are looking for.

The changes are decided by you, the food is natural (no need to be a fantastic cook!), exercise is at a level to suit you (simple daily stretches or intense workouts), relaxation therapies are the frames that holds the picture of changes together. I like to use breathing, mindfulness, reflexology, tapping and meditation.

Do you want to regain your health, move more, sleep better, increase your energy? Make the right choice to help your desire of change to stay. Let me help. I run a holistic nutritional coaching programme that has helped many people just like you successfully adopt and sustain lifestyle changes. It can be done. Let’s begin that journey to greater success at sustaining the health behaviours you are trying so hard to adopt.

A brief outline of the programme: It is focused on developing self-belief and strengthening your inner desire for success.
Step 1. Establish what you see as your life purpose
Step 2. What are the reasons for you wanting the change?
Step 3. How do you see your current state of health?
Step 4. How do you manage your health?
Step 5. What/who inspires you?

Delivery of the programme is initially individual consultations with the options to join an on line support group. Sharing successes and how challenges are managed reinforces the inner belief that goals can be achieved and your life reclaimed.

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