You can fit that outfit…….

Very soon you will be socialising again, donning that dress you purchased several months ago and then sheer panic as you can no longer fasten it or it’s a little too tight for comfort.

I am not selling any products or making any far-fetched claims, but I am going to share with you simple small changes that will give you the results you hope for providing you don’t cheat.

Firstly you need to set a date goal. This is the date you wish to see yourself looking absolutely fabulous in that outfit.

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Secondly you need to start strict portion control. This is tough as we so often pile our plates high. Once your eyes see the correct portion size and your mind is not shouting out ‘How can that keep me full’, you will adjust. I won’t lie, you will experience hunger pangs for the first few days though with the snack suggestions you will be able to curb these without any guilt.

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Increase your water intake. This is not using flavoured waters, cordials it is drinking plain water. Aim for 2litres a day.

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Stretch your body. Twice a day you will stretch to allow your digestive system open up and function effectively. Simple touch the floor and stretch to the ceiling repeated 6 times twice a day is a good start.

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Control the alcohol. Removing alcohol from your daily intake will help you see results quicker. Alcohol is a suppressant slowing down your digestion and cell function. It can also result in false hunger pangs when your blood sugar levels drop.

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