Looking Fabulous at any Age

When I passed the age of 50 I began to view life differently, not due to my own values or beliefs but the way society pushed it’s values onto me; whether I sought it or not.

It was only during the Covid lockdown period that I experienced the need to purchase clothing on-line. I wasn’t fearful of the actual process but sceptical of the clothing quality and suitability for me. My figure remains a standard 8-10 UK though I do have rather long legs with a chalelnging inside leg measurement of 32″. It was my 16 year old daughter who introduced me to some fashion clothing sites and encouraged me to purchase some items.

The clothes were fabulous, quality was good for the price paid and delivery and return service quick and simple to follow. Sizing was fairly good, though I am still trying to find trousers with a 32″ inside leg that are not a crazy price!

This experince has motivated me to begin a blog/promotion site of the clothing I purchase and write my own review and offer an affiliate link for you to purchase the items.
This is not my usual business, though having focused so long on healthy eating I believe that self image is equally important. Feeling good on the inside can be supported by how we look on the outside. So we eat the right food and have glowing skin, shiny strong hair, healthy body weight; yet we need to showcase this success and hard work and what better way to do that than through fashion and accessories.

Clothes are our mode of expression of self/identity. They allow us to show our favourite colours, shapes, patterns, prints, designers, even ethical beliefs. The way we wear the clothing either alone or with supporting accessories can show our personalities and characters. Recently my neck has began to show a sagging and varience in skin tone, to address this I have recently favoured long necklaces that draw the attention away from my neck, or scarves to cover. For work I wear collared shirts which naturally darw the eye to the open neck area; to combat this I opt for colours that flatter my skin tone a trick I read in a leading magazine.

So I hope my new journey to add to the already successful health journey I have taken many clients on will be an adventure you will enjoy. I have loaded a new Blog Feature section Fashion as We Age to share my journey and reviews and offer links for purchases.

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