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PC Guide

Welcome and congratulations on landing at this page, you are about to discover the simplest weight management plan.

The PC guide allows you to realise your weight gaols through a ‘no frills’ approach.
No calorie counting, no shakes, no weight control snack bars, no point or free food, no sin foods, and most impressive of all it will cost no more than your usual food bill, in fact it might reduce your weekly food cost.
You won’t have to purchase any specialised equipment, or spend hours preparing food.
The PC guide can be used by literally everyone. It is safe and won’t cause any contraindications with prescribed medications or medical treatments.
Your current diet can be used, allowing you to remain on foods that suit you or you have been advised to eat my medical practitioners.
When you purchase the PC guide , you will receive the guide in a PDF download. 
The PC guide is simple, it will require no unique cooking skills. The guide will work with all lifestyles, those who work nights, shift workers, or stay at home workers, there are no reasons why the programme won’t suit your current eating habits, styles or food preferences.
So what is PC guide?
Portion Control tool
How do I use it?
You measure all the food you eat using your hand as a guide.
What are the benefits?
Controls the volume of food you consume, supports weight management.
The bonus features Mindful Eating technique that further promotes effective weight management.


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