Quick Portion Control

Portion Control Guide

You know that what you eat influences your weight, but the amount you eat is also important.

Portion control is one of the simplest and highly effective ways of weight management. It controls the calorific intake, but also conditions your eyes to accept that you no longer require a full plate to feel satisfied.

Balance is also key, though that is another topic in itself. So let’s forget what you should be eating and just focus on reducing the amount you eat, as we all now the way to success in any goal we set is applying small manageable steps.

I have some portion control suggestions that will put you on the right path to a healthy you. They will help you shed a few excess pounds but most importantly allow you to take control of what you eat, resulting in inner confidence and self-belief.

Your eating habits are likely to be deep rooted from years of influences. So don’t beat yourself up if you have the odd day of indulgence, just remind yourself why you want to get to the goal you set. If you have created a vision board, return to it, look at the images you used, revisit what your ultimate goal was, and prepare to make changes again.

Being in control of what you eat is deeply empowering, your body will thank you as to will your mind. After a while others will visibly see changes in you, which will add to your inner confidence. Positive mind-set is fair easier to achieve with positivity around us.

Step 1.

Swap your plate.

It has become a trend to serve our food on large plates resulting in larger portions. The minute you downsize your plate your visual senses accept you are still eating a full plate, so your ‘hunger’ hormones remain suppressed. The moment you acknowledge there isn’t much food on your plate you send messages to your brain that you will still be hungry.

Step 2.

Love fibre.

Try to opt for foods that have a higher fibre content such as bananas, wholemeal options, seeds and my favourite traditional porridge. When you have a recommended fibre intake of 25mg, you are helping your digestive tract to work more efficiently. You will also feel fuller for longer.

Step 3.

Use your hand.

No gimmicks required, its free quick and fairly accurate. An average size adult hand has a palm that measures approximately 3oz, the average serving for meat. When you make a fist shape that is the size for rice or pasta. Kids love using this method, their fist is the correct size for portion control for their age. Though this is a guide, and when using any dietary advice for children I always recommend speaking with a specialist in child nutrition.
I have attached a PDF printable for portion size.

Step 4.

Slowly does it.

Steady slow eating and fully chewing your food supports your digestive system and also allows your brain to register when it is full. Cutting your food, chewing and even counting how many bites you do per mouthful can all contribute to eating less. Become mindful, take time to savour the food you are eating.

Step 5.

Cook it.

Now I know too well that time to prepare and cook food is a luxury many of us struggle with. Though when the opportunity does arise, prepare a nutritious meal and witness how much less you will eat. That is because you have satisfied all your sense and the pleasure is in savouring the flavours as opposed to grabbing a quick hunger fix.

You don’t have to adopt all the changes at once, focus on the one that suits you best, then when it becomes second nature adopt another. Small manageable changes see far greater life long result.

Portion Control Guide